Hats Galore!

During my free time, I peruse my college website for volunteering, internship, and research opportunities provided at the school that would benefit me as a person and on my dental school applications.

On my spreadsheet, I currently have 10 opportunities/positions that I think would work but looking at it honestly makes me feel so jittery! Which is probably attributed to the adrenaline rush provided by the sudden onset of stress.

I feel like I’m stretched so thin and my biggest worry is if I would be able to handle all of this.

My department already requires that I find an internship and that I need to be  a part of  study abroad program in order to graduate from my major. I got the latter down (HK 2K17!!!!) but I still need to find an internship that will coincide with the standards for justice studies and some sort of health related aspect for D-school. It’s kinda hard and I want to cry sometimes. 😥

Likewise, I just tuned into the Berkeley Free Clinic site and found that they offer clinical training for their volunteer dental assistants!!!!!!! Which is the coolest thing , but my only concern is the large amount of commitment + the weekly (nightly) commute that would also pertain. But I figured, if I truly truly truly truly truly loved helping people and if I want to be a dentist, I should be able to do it.

With every position that I apply for, I am adding a new hat to my shelf and I honestly hope I have the dexterity to be able to switch it all up and live a happy, balanced life.

I understand that grades are a humongous factor too so I shouldn’t get blindsided, but I think if I want to showcase my aptitude, I should be able to do my mostest and my bestest.

I will cut down on the programs though lol, I just want to keep my options open! But the standard so far is: shadowing, volunteering, possibly research.

Thank goodness it’s almost summer so I have time to mull this over.



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