Stay organized, not agonized

In order to be alert, productive, and positive, you have to be balanced and in order to be balanced, you have to be organized.

But surprise! Being organized is hard.

I have spent countless hours scouring over various how-to articles on becoming an organized person and I  finally have a system that works for me.

I owe my sanity to these four/five (ish) tools.

I use: Google Keep, the myHomework app, the Laws of Attraction planner, a white-board calendar, and a Thomas Kinkade Disney wall calendar.

  1. Google Keep: is an app found on probably all phone platforms that is focused on being a highly useful and individualized notepad. I use it to notepad any single idea, thought, or notion that passes through. The current categories that I have separated my notes to are my hobbies, the activities I want to do, the tasks I need to do in the next 2-3 years to prepare for D-school, current school stuff, miscellaneous things I need to remember, and a shopping list. Basically, everything that I am and all that I think is inputted in here so that I can transfer it to the appropriate format, like my planner or calendar. It also uses Google Drive, so I can easily access it.Blog 42. The myHomework app: is an app found on iPhone and Android that lists your homework and allows you to check it off when completed. Simple, straight to the point, and effective. I like crossing things out, it makes me feel productive so this has been Godsent for the past 4 years.

Blog 3

3. The Laws of Attraction planner: I like the format of the Passion Planner but I wanted more for le$$. This was the solution. It’s a little hippie-ish and is strangely more focused on being zen and stuff, but it fulfills everything I’ve ever needed in a planner. There is a large section at the beginning that has a bunch of essay based questions to help you focus on ur goalz for the year, which is fun. My favorite thing is that each month has 30/31 day calendar with sections to jot down my monthly goals, what I can do to achieve them, and the rewards I get when I do. There are also weekly sections that has each day listed on a time grid; I have that pictured below. It’s super cool and I finally have a use for all of my colored pens and highlighters. I also bought washi tape but have yet to find a constructive purpose. I may also want to start meditating to I can check that off every day too…

Blog 1

4. The Calendars: the white-board calendar was a gift from my boyfriend in 2014 that I started using in 2016 lol. It has probably been the most useful thing in helping me remember dinner dates and meetings. I don’t use my phone calendar, so this is the only way I keep track of that stuff. As for the Thomas Kinkade Disney wall calendar, I use it mainly to visually see the number of hours I study per week and the amount of times I work out per month. By marking x’s and numbers I can see my progress and continue to stay motivated. The calendar has to specifically be the Thomas Kinkade Disney wall calendar because I love Disney and it makes me feel happy even in the worst times. People say Kinkade was a bad artist, but I say he was a prosperous dude who got a nice deal with one of the largest companies in the world.

Blog 2

So those are the tools that I use to help me cry less as I go through my life. Maybe this will help you, maybe it will not, but know that becoming an organized person is definitely a must for dental school.

Have fun with this, take your time, try a bunch of things, and stay consistent.


2 thoughts on “Stay organized, not agonized

  1. Wow you’re intense! Haha I admire that – you’re not gonna have a problem in dental school! Gonna incorporate some of your recommendations as I enter my second year of dental school. Good luck to you!


    1. Thank you so much!!! That means so much to me. ;_;

      But thank you for also sharing your journey and congrats on finishing your D1 year!!! Your determination is something that I’ll refer to throughout my journey as well.

      Have a good break away from alllla this haha.

      Liked by 1 person

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