Stay organized, not agonized

In order to be alert, productive, and positive, you have to be balanced and in order to be balanced, you have to be organized.

But surprise! Being organized is hard.

I have spent countless hours scouring over various how-to articles on becoming an organized person and I  finally have a system that works for me.

I owe my sanity to these four/five (ish) tools.

I use: Google Keep, the myHomework app, the Laws of Attraction planner, a white-board calendar, and a Thomas Kinkade Disney wall calendar.

  1. Google Keep: is an app found on probably all phone platforms that is focused on being a highly useful and individualized notepad. I use it to notepad any single idea, thought, or notion that passes through. The current categories that I have separated my notes to are my hobbies, the activities I want to do, the tasks I need to do in the next 2-3 years to prepare for D-school, current school stuff, miscellaneous things I need to remember, and a shopping list. Basically, everything that I am and all that I think is inputted in here so that I can transfer it to the appropriate format, like my planner or calendar. It also uses Google Drive, so I can easily access it.Blog 42. The myHomework app: is an app found on iPhone and Android that lists your homework and allows you to check it off when completed. Simple, straight to the point, and effective. I like crossing things out, it makes me feel productive so this has been Godsent for the past 4 years.

Blog 3

3. The Laws of Attraction planner: I like the format of the Passion Planner but I wanted more for le$$. This was the solution. It’s a little hippie-ish and is strangely more focused on being zen and stuff, but it fulfills everything I’ve ever needed in a planner. There is a large section at the beginning that has a bunch of essay based questions to help you focus on ur goalz for the year, which is fun. My favorite thing is that each month has 30/31 day calendar with sections to jot down my monthly goals, what I can do to achieve them, and the rewards I get when I do. There are also weekly sections that has each day listed on a time grid; I have that pictured below. It’s super cool and I finally have a use for all of my colored pens and highlighters. I also bought washi tape but have yet to find a constructive purpose. I may also want to start meditating to I can check that off every day too…

Blog 1

4. The Calendars: the white-board calendar was a gift from my boyfriend in 2014 that I started using in 2016 lol. It has probably been the most useful thing in helping me remember dinner dates and meetings. I don’t use my phone calendar, so this is the only way I keep track of that stuff. As for the Thomas Kinkade Disney wall calendar, I use it mainly to visually see the number of hours I study per week and the amount of times I work out per month. By marking x’s and numbers I can see my progress and continue to stay motivated. The calendar has to specifically be the Thomas Kinkade Disney wall calendar because I love Disney and it makes me feel happy even in the worst times. People say Kinkade was a bad artist, but I say he was a prosperous dude who got a nice deal with one of the largest companies in the world.

Blog 2

So those are the tools that I use to help me cry less as I go through my life. Maybe this will help you, maybe it will not, but know that becoming an organized person is definitely a must for dental school.

Have fun with this, take your time, try a bunch of things, and stay consistent.


Hats Galore!

During my free time, I peruse my college website for volunteering, internship, and research opportunities provided at the school that would benefit me as a person and on my dental school applications.

On my spreadsheet, I currently have 10 opportunities/positions that I think would work but looking at it honestly makes me feel so jittery! Which is probably attributed to the adrenaline rush provided by the sudden onset of stress.

I feel like I’m stretched so thin and my biggest worry is if I would be able to handle all of this.

My department already requires that I find an internship and that I need to be  a part of  study abroad program in order to graduate from my major. I got the latter down (HK 2K17!!!!) but I still need to find an internship that will coincide with the standards for justice studies and some sort of health related aspect for D-school. It’s kinda hard and I want to cry sometimes. 😥

Likewise, I just tuned into the Berkeley Free Clinic site and found that they offer clinical training for their volunteer dental assistants!!!!!!! Which is the coolest thing , but my only concern is the large amount of commitment + the weekly (nightly) commute that would also pertain. But I figured, if I truly truly truly truly truly loved helping people and if I want to be a dentist, I should be able to do it.

With every position that I apply for, I am adding a new hat to my shelf and I honestly hope I have the dexterity to be able to switch it all up and live a happy, balanced life.

I understand that grades are a humongous factor too so I shouldn’t get blindsided, but I think if I want to showcase my aptitude, I should be able to do my mostest and my bestest.

I will cut down on the programs though lol, I just want to keep my options open! But the standard so far is: shadowing, volunteering, possibly research.

Thank goodness it’s almost summer so I have time to mull this over.


Motive in Motion

Finding the root of your motivation is life’s constant dilemma.

I once read that we shouldn’t rely on motivation, as it is fickle, and instead cultivate discipline. While I don’t disagree with this sentiment, I think it’s too polar.

Discipline and motivation coincide, and to completely shut out one would be detrimental to the other.

Say your goal is to run and you literally force yourself every single day to strap on your shoes and go for a jog, at what point do you come to realize you don’t really like running? It that even worth mentioning?

There’s got to be that split second before you prop yourself out of bed, where you think, “I’m doing this for my _____”. And that’s it, that’s your motivation.

It doesn’t have to be grandiose, it just has to be enough to get the wheels in motion. And trust me when I say that momentum is a pivotal part of success.

Recently, I went to the UCSF ASDA’s Intro to Dentistry Day where we were introduced to dental students who showed us the ropes and answered an exorbitant amount of questions. We also got the opportunity to go in the SIM Lab to practice cavity preps and do composite fillings!

This was honestly the first time I’ve felt extremely proactive on my road to dentistry and I’m certain that this was the catalyst in my journey.

To think, I almost didn’t want to go. To think that one second of motivation, one second of “I have to do this if I want to be a dentist”, would have such profound impact.

Lately, my motivation is the tooth I worked on during Intro to Dentistry Day. When things get tough, I look at it and think… “Yep” and go back to work.



The Sound of Productivity

I listen to a multitude of music genres when studying. Some of my personal favorites are EDM, classical and, recently, lo-fi hip hop. They say listening to music without vocals is what does the trick and, by Gods, they were correct!

Recently, I was introduced to the lo-fi hip hop radio station linked above and have been hooked ever since. It’s incredibly reminiscent to music made by Nujabes and Shing02 which is probably the main allure to audiences. It’s so neat to see just how many new lo-fi hip hop artists have popped up in the years since Nujabes’ death. There is no better way to honor his influence than to continue his work.

To be honest, lo-fi hip hop is probably the best genre of music to study to. There’s something about the nostalgic, sweet melodies that lull my brain into great focus; since listening, I’ve been more productive than I have been in ages! And I can prove it on my Pomodoro Timer app, but that’s a topic for another blog post.

The definition of ‘lo-fi’ is quite literally songs of low fidelity. In easier terms, the songs are recorded with a lot of distortion and background noises (via Wikipedia lmao). This is most likely why lo-fi hip hop calms people down; it’s basically ASMR with melodies!

Seeing the thousands that tune into the station at almost every given hour elates me. The chat feature is nice too as it gives you the sense of community despite possibly being alone.

All these features makes this station a rare commodity on YouTube and I hope the channel, ChilledCow, continues for many years to come.

Or at least until I finish dental school.



Hello to whoever is reading this!

My name is Nhu, I am currently a third year pre-dental student at San Jose State University. This blog was made mainly to update and review my own progress towards becoming a dentist.

My main focus is to simply HAVE a focus and I feel this blog will be a great visual representation of the mundane every-day efforts that I am personally proud of. Nonetheless, I will try to include beauty, health, hobbies, movie/show reviews, travel etc. in order to stay healthy and balanced.

You can thank my new Laws of Attraction planner for this sudden onset of inspiration.

See you soon,

XoXo Gossip Girl